Logistic facilities for alternative fuel

The logistic workshop for alternative fuel is responsible for the receipt, storage and the fuel supply of the process.

RMIS provides a turnkey process, from receipt to injection, adapted to any type of solid fuel: SRF / RDF, biomass, wood

Method :

  • Unloading the truck
    The truck is unloaded directly onto the ground, inside the unit. We do not use a pit, nor any unloading or handling equipment. The driver unloads with complete autonomy in order to leave the factory quickly, without causing any logistical downtime.
  • Material storage
    From the windrow unloaded in bulk by the truck, storage of the material is automatically carried out by the R-Stock, up to a height of 4 metres.
  • Extraction of the material
    In the event of a material or fuel request, the R-Stock performs an additional linear movement and feeds the conveyor line until it is fed into the burner.
    The unit is automatically purged completely so that no waste material remains.
  • Safeguarding the waste flow and the feed process
    The use of a star screen allows waste outside of particle size specification to be removed, while the Overband takes care of the removal of ferrous elements.
  • Metering
    A belt feeder delivers the fuel to be fed into the furnace.
Atelier logistique

The RMIS added value :

All the equipment in these workstations is produced in-house, using simple and robust materials with excellent cost control and respect for deadlines. They offer huge storage capacities for a reduced investment.