Selective waste collection

Sorting plant for domestic waste

From a flow mostly made of recoverable waste, these units allow to separate materials according to the recovery procedures.



Waste concerned: all high added value recoverable material :

  • Metals: ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Polymers: PET, HDPE, PP
  • Fibers: paper, cardboard


Main steps:

  • Particle-size separation: trommel screens offer a more precise characterization of the material
  • Ballistic separation: in order to separate hollow bodies (mainly polymers) from a plane body (mainly fibrous materials)
  • Densimetric separation : in order to capture the slightest part of the flow (mainly plastics films)
  • Optical separation: sorting the different kinds of polymers and fibrous materials
  • Magnetic separation: sorting of metals.

The process automation varies according to the sorting requirements (number of sorted materials and requested purity degree) and the desired throughput.


We also modernize your existing lines, whether or not they are installed by RMIS, in order to meet all your needs :

  • Increase capacity and throughput
  • Increase the number of materials sorted
  • Improve the quality of sorting through fine-sorting
  • Integrate new technologies
  • Ensure reliable process productivity
  • Create a new monitoring system


The RMIS added value

RMIS is always looking for the best technologies to guarantee you high-performance lines adapted to the evolution of sorting and recovery procedures.