Alternative fuel production unit

The production units for solid recovered fuel make it possible to recover a part of non-recyclable waste.

Waste concerned :

sorting refusals, mixed waste, biomass.


Method : RMIS provides a turnkey process that includes:

  • Shredding operations
  • Ferrous / non-ferrous separation
  • Heavy and inert materials separation
  • Chlorine extraction
  • Drying
  • Continuous measurement of the lower heating value, moisture and chlorine content
  • Dust extraction

We manufacture a large part of the equipment that makes up these lines and adapt them to all types of deposits.
The units integrate continuous monitoring tools for Lower Heating Value (LHV), chlorine, moisture and particle size and allow the selection of waste with a high calorific value.


The RMIS added value :

Before truck loading, a police screen allows to remove all off-specification material parts. Drying solutions can be integrated in order to guarantee a stable LHV to the material.
RMIS offers a solution for automatic loading and unloading of trucks.