Raw household waste

Sorting plant for domestic waste

The objective of these units is to separate the organic fraction from the recoverable fraction, of which the proportions vary according to the location of the project.

For each project, the process is adapted to the volume of waste to be treated and the desired level of automation.

Ordures ménagères

Waste concerned: Blend of organic matter and recoverable matter.

Main steps of the process:

  • Split of the fermentable portion, sent for composting.
  • Sorting of the recoverable portion: those materials are separated and sorted according to the existing recycling procedures.
  • The non-recovered material waste flow is marked out for energy recovery. It will be sorted again and separated in order to produce an alternative fuel, used in industry or for energy creation.
  • The residual waste (mainly composed of inert materials) corresponds to the non-recycled portion of the incoming waste flow. The design of the lines is intended to anticipate increases in volume or possible evolutions in the levels and requirements of sorting.

The mentioned steps can be more or less automated according to the project requirements.